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About Lisa Ketty from HiPosterShop


Hello and welcome to HiPosterShop! My name is Lisa Ketty and I am the owner and creator of HiPosterShop. Having worked in the VFX industry for the past decade, I recently decided to pursue my passion for art full-time.

HiPosterShop is a small business that specializes in creating posters digitally and handmade. I carefully crafted each poster, ensuring that each one is truly unique. My background in the VFX industry has given me a strong foundation in design and attention to detail, which I bring to every poster I create.

I am excited to share my passion for art with you through HiPosterShop.

My work base is at my home in Holte, near Copenhagen, and it is so nice to create my artwork here and be able to sell my posters online in my shop, and get to meet you at all the design markets.

Where comes the inspiration from?

You can find handmade posters at HiPosterShop that are inspired by the amazing Bauhaus style of the 1970s and the bold color palette of that period. I especially love using bright yellows and oranges in my artwork. In addition to Bauhaus, I also draw inspiration from minimalism, space, and botanic art, which I mix with a Nordic style to create truly unique pieces. Some of my posters even feature cross-sections, allowing me to play with all of my favorite colors.

HiPosterShop is filled with unique, handmade posters – I hope you find one that speaks to you.

Thank you for supporting small businesses and for choosing HiPosterShop.

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