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Hi guys and welcome to my shop. I am very happy that you are taking the time, to visit HiPosterShop.
My name is Lisa Ketty Jørgensen. I am a Danish VFX artist who graduated from The Animation Workshop based in Viborg, Denmark back in 2011, and since then, have been working in the VFX industry as a Digital Matte Painter. I have been working on various movie projects like Star Wars, and series like Fear The Walking Dead among lots of other cool film projects. 
I am still working in the VFX industry for periods, but my main focus is now on my poster shop business which is called HiPosterShop. I started creating posters back in 2015 for a small period, and because of life and work, I started to focus 100% on my poster art in 2021, and I love it.
My work base is at my home in Holte, near Copenhagen, and it is so nice to create my artwork here and to be able to sell my posters on my online in my shop, and also to get to meet you at all the design markets.
Where comes the inspiration from?
All my art is inspired by the amazing Bauhaus style of the 1970s, as well as the color palette of that time. I love the bright coloring in the artwork, especially yellows and oranges are my all-time favorites, among that, I also love minimalism, space, and botanic art mixed with a Nordic style, and I am trying to bring all of that into my artwork. I use cross-sections in some of my art so I really can get to play around with all my favorite colors, so take a look in the shop and maybe you will find something just right for your home.
I hope this makes a bit of sense to you, if not, you can always send me a mail at
Again, thank you so much for the visit. 
Love Lisa Ketty.


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